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Office Furniture Storage: Cubicles

Are you going through a period of downsizing that involves moving to a smaller office space? You may need to put some of your office furniture in storage. Cubicles are often relatively simple to break down and take up much less space when they are stored as separate components instead of full workstations. Here are a few tips for making sure they remain in good condition and are easy to reassemble when you need them again:

Accurate Inventory – Label each part prior to or during disassembly. This is especially important if not all of your cubicle models are identical. Use masking tape and only stick it to areas where it won’t leave an unsightly adhesive residue after removal. Make a full list of how many cubes you have – including sizes and accessories (work surfaces, shelving, etc).

Protection – When possible, layer panels between cardboard or moving blankets. This will keep metal and laminate surfaces from being scratched. Keep fabric panels away from sunlight or they may fade. Secure the stored panels firmly in place so they don’t fall over and injure an employee.


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