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Office Furniture Solutions For Tall Workers

Being above average height can make finding office furniture solutions a chore. Many task chairs can be adjusted for height (or have a custom cylinder installed to add a few inches). However, that doesn’t mean the seat depth will be suitable for someone with very long legs. A short seat won’t provide support for the thighs. Similarly, worksurfaces that are too low can lead to problems with posture and arm positioning. Choosing adjustable tables or desks is a fairly simple solution to this problem – and offers more options to employees of all heights.

As far as seating goes, many manufacturers have Big & Tall selections in their product lines. These chairs are designed for larger employees (taking both height and weight into account). Of course, the higher price tag associated with these furnishings is not a guarantee of comfort. For example, a wing backed, overstuffed executive chair is not suitable for shift work that requires hours of sitting at a stretch. You need to pick a high quality office chair that is designed for flexibility and adjustability to provide good back and leg support for long periods of time.


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