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Office Furniture – San Diego Area Refinishing

You have several options when it comes to buying used office furniture. San Diego area vendors often sell these items refurbished in like-new condition. Each piece is stripped and professionally refinished. You can also buy furnishings that are used and not restored (although they may be lightly retouched). If you buy from a reputable vendor, these are usually only gently worn and still in decent condition.

In contrast, when you purchase office furniture at an auction or liquidation sale, it may have an unacceptable degree of visible wear and damage. In addition, if you are buying one or two pieces at a time due to budget restraints, they may not all match.

Paint that is chipped is another common problem with this type of office furniture. San Diego retouching companies like Linden Painting offer a unique service that can address these problems to some extent. They perform onsite electrostatic painting on solid metal items such as file cabinets. Static electricity is generated to attract the paint to the surface being finished. Reduced overspray makes this process quick and clean compared to traditional spray painting.


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