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Are you moving to a new office location? Figuring out how to arrange your workplace furnishings to make the best use of your space is easiest if you can rely on more than your visualization skills or a piece of graph paper and a pencil. Fortunately, there are a number of office furniture resources available online that can help you with your layout planning. Some of these are available in free trial versions.

Here are several space planning software options along with reviews so you can read pros and cons:

SmartDraw Review


Edraw Soft Review

Floorplanner Review

Of course, when you get something for “free” there are usually limitations to the product. Most of the programs listed above can be used for some very basic purposes (i.e. determining if all your office furniture will actually fit in your available space). However, when you need assistance with figuring out where all the wiring and cabling needs to go for your cubicles there’s something to be said for simply contacting an office furniture dealer.

If you are in the market for some new, used, or refurbished furniture, you can request a no-charge consultation that includes space planning using professional quality software. With the Cubicles Office Environments service, you can take the plans with you even if you decide to shop for furniture elsewhere – so it’s really free.


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