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Office Furniture Manufacturers – San Diego Area Options

Although many brands of office furniture are made in factories in Canada and China, the U.S. has its share of manufacturing plants. There are even several here in California. The CFMA has listings on its website for most of these office furniture manufacturers. San Diego business owners who want to buy locally-made custom furnishings have quite a few companies to choose from.

Craftsman Office Furniture

These guys have been in business since the early 1970s. They specialize in casegoods, conference tables, and reception furniture. The Craftsman emphasis is on beautiful finishes that include not only wood veneers and laminates but also glass and marble. They are available to quote custom and built in jobs.


This company started out very simply in 1964 with only a few product choices for their customers. Now, their factory churns out a broad range of office furniture collections in 18 standard thermofuse laminate finishes. Like Wendy’s hamburgers, these pieces are built to order while you wait.  Surprisingly, lead times are still quite short – ranging from 1-2 weeks according to the website.

Salman Furniture

Albert Salman’s name remains associated with this extensive selection of office furnishings although the company was acquired by Mike Parkinson in 1993 (almost 20 years after the business was founded). It features a unique manufacturing facility of 75,000 square feet that is one single, high ceilinged room. 75 employees work in this space – giving it an extraordinarily high square footage to worker ratio. The entire production process is viewable from the showroom.

The Taylor Company

This company is the oldest of the group – going back all the way to 1816. It has been passed down through 7 generations and is among the top 30 oldest family owned businesses in the U.S. Not only does The Taylor Company have a rich tradition of desk and chair craftsmanship, they also boast a 100% union workforce and a well developed sustainability program.

That’s Not All

Of course, besides being located near several manufacturers, San Diego is also home to re-manufacturing companies. These dealers offer customers the ability to select finishes for high quality refurbished office furniture from leading U.S. brands at a deeply discounted cost.


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