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Office Furniture Liquidators: San Diego Businesses Can Find Ready Buyers

An economic downturn is tough on all businesses, but it does provide opportunities for office furniture liquidators. They have lots of chances to pick up workstations that are being sold off in liquidation sales. Resellers also have a ready supply of customers seeking the cost savings that come with purchasing used or refurbished cubicles. These clients want quality, but don’t have the budget for brand new cubicles. This means high-end brands with solid construction can be retouched and sold at a price that works for everyone.

Small businesses are as likely as large ones to go shopping for pre-owned office furniture. This means companies looking to sell their old furnishings to a dealer don’t have to have an enormous fleet of cubicles to make a deal. Just 10 matching pieces (desks, chairs, or workstations) is enough to make it worth a dealer’s while to offer a competitive quote. There’s also the possibility of using old furniture as a “trade in” when you purchase new or upgraded office furniture.


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