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Office Furniture Liquidation…and Demolition?

Have you ever wondered what the office furniture liquidation process looks like? Liquis actually goes further than just removing furniture and actually demolishes a data center in the short video here. Besides moving out the filing cabinets and other furnishings (90,000 square feet of office furniture), they take out 25 truckloads of other equipment and materials. Even the raised flooring isn’t safe. It’s all stripped out and hauled off.

What Happens To All This Stuff?

A liquidator inventories every asset down to the value of the scrap metal. For IT equipment, they may do all the data destruction – although it is smarter to take care of that step yourself for optimal data security. Then, the liquidator sells the items. Whether they keep a commission on the sales or buy the items directly from the customer to resell is determined by the details of the contract. Either way, the customer gets a full accounting of everything that was removed along with a valuation.

Why Liquidate?

Liquidation isn’t just something that occurs during a bankruptcy. Getting cash in hand is one reason to offload assets you aren’t using. Donating them to a charity means a tax write-off, but you don’t experience the benefits of that until later. When you need an infusion of money right now and don’t have the time or the manpower to strip down and sell each item yourself, liquidation is an option.

If your organization went through a merger, acquisition, or restructuring and left you with a building or office space that’s not being used, you’re probably still paying rent on it. Liquidation is one option for clearing an unused space fast so you can end a lease. It’s an alternative to moving all your assets to long term storage if you know that you’re probably never going to use them again.

Office Furniture Liquidation

Although any liquidation company can haul away your used office furniture, a company that specializes in refurbishing office furniture is likely to give you the fairest price. That’s because they cut out the middle man. They will be reselling the furniture themselves. The process of getting a quote is straightforward (it helps if you have an accurate inventory of all components you want to sell). Once you’ve settled on a price, you can sit back and enjoy your check while the office furniture liquidator packs up everything and moves it out for you.


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