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Office Furniture For Sale – San Diego Cubicle Typicals

Cubicles and workstations are some of the most commonly listed items you’ll find online if you Google refurbished office furniture for sale. San Diego Cubicles Office Environments has a broad range of these from different manufacturers. There are some workstation designs that are considered more “typical” than others. They’re the ones that are most likely to be in stock in large quantities. A standard office worker cubicle these days is generally 6×6 with a single overhead bin and two filing sections with 2-3 drawers apiece.

A manager’s workstation has similar features but larger dimensions – such as 8’x11’. Another difference is how the worksurface is positioned within the panel system. Managers often need to communicate face to face across a desk to interview applicants and provide instructions for employees. So, their primary worksurface isn’t usually facing an interior corner or wall. Instead, it faces outward with space available along the opposite edge for a side chair.

While these sizes and layouts may be typical, they don’t have to look uniform. These pieces of office furniture can be refurbished with fabrics and colors handpicked by each customer.


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