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Office Furniture Dealer Installer Certification Programs

55 CertificatesIf you’ve spent much time browsing office furniture dealer websites, you may have seen claims regarding installation certification. What do these mean? Some manufacturers have a certification program that authorized dealers must send their installers through. This is intended to verify that each tech installs the manufacturer’s cubicles correctly.

However, in some cases the process of certification is a little more self-directed. For example, there is a Certified Dealer Network for Herman Miller dealers. The network requires that member dealers certify their installers. What are the requirements for training? That’s actually left up to the individual dealership.

According to the HMCN websiteThe first step of the Installation Certification process begins with the Herman Miller office furniture dealer, who determines what it must do to meet Installation Certification requirements.” If only getting a college degree was that easy. We could make up our own course of study and our own tests – then we would all enjoy a straight 4.0 GPA!

Training Does Make a Difference

Of course, there are no doubt basic guidelines that have been developed over the years by network members regarding what should be involved in a training course. For example, the installers would need to know how to protect the manufacturer warranties on new furniture by ensuring that each installation is performed following Herman Miller’s published instructions.

When it comes to installing refurbished and used office furniture, certification doesn’t have quite the same significance. As a customer, your main concern would be the experience level and reputation of your local office furniture dealer. This will have the greatest impact on whether the pre-owned furniture you buy is in good condition and installed correctly.

A locally owned office furniture company has a vested interest in ensuring that all their techs are well trained in handling the widest possible range of products. This is true regardless of whether they can show you a fancy certificate. Bear in mind that any reputable dealer should provide guarantees outlining the quality and care taken during installation. This way, you are fully protected whether your furniture is purchased new or used.


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