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Office Furniture Companies Vie For “Greenest” Reputation

54 PlanetA perusal of some of the top office furniture companies in the U.S. reveals a definite trend toward more sustainable practices. What’s even more evident is that these manufacturers want consumers to know about these changes. Business owners have higher expectations than ever when it comes to sourcing “green” office furniture. Industry leaders like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth are responding with informational campaigns of impressive scope.

Sustainability is no longer relegated to a couple of paragraphs in the “about us” section of corporate websites. Now, you can find annual reports, press releases, and more detailing the latest milestones in waste reduction and other environmentally responsible business practices.

Herman Miller

The HM Environmental Advocacy section uses multi-media to engage potential customers with stunning visuals and fun videos. One clip talks about the company’s “Zero is Hero” initiative. Another tells the story behind why guests to their GreenHouse manufacturing facility in Michigan receive a bottle of fresh honey as a memento.

Herman Miller’s “Better World Report” takes you through 45 pages of data on their progress toward a greener future. Like many office furniture companies, HM provides detailed information on LEED points and Cradle to Cradle certification for its product line.


54 windfarmSteelcase offers a wealth of information on its business practices under headings such as “people”, “products”, and “planet”. They even have a section on sustainability and social responsibility as it pertains to “profits”. This multi-faceted approach puts the focus on the human community as well as the larger global environment. Steelcase makes a point of reusing products by matching second hand furniture with recipients in need through their Environmental Partnership Program.


Haworth’s sustainability section takes visitors through 7 aspects of their business model where continual improvements are taking place. Product and Workspace Design, Energy Management, and Green Transportation are just a few of the areas where Haworth strives to make a difference. Like Herman Miller, this company is also pursuing aggressive zero waste and emissions goals.

These are just a few of the office furniture companies that are becoming more eco-friendly every year. So, rest assured that your next workplace upgrade can be a green one.


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