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Office Design to Delight the Senses

On this blog, we usually focus on workplace décor and furniture tips that are intended to make employees feel comfortable. But there’s something to be said for taking a long look at how your office design impacts clients and other visitors as well. Duncan MacPherson at Pareto Systems offers insight into this topic in his blog post about the “Multi-Sensory Office”. He specializes in coaching financial advisors, so his target demographic really has to impress clients who come to visit. After all, no company is going to feel good about entrusting their financial wellbeing to a consulting firm that can’t even take care of its own office space. Even small, highly targeted touches make a big difference. For example, Duncan suggests equipping the lobby with current magazines that are relevant to client interests – and investing in some glossy coffee table books as well. The upgrade suggestions for the meeting room, private office, and even the bathroom are worth your attention. As a bonus, all of these changes can benefit your employees as well.


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