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Office Chairs Pull a Disappearing Act

It’s been a while since we had a bit of juicy office furniture scandal. But this week there’s something new to report. Late last year, New York State Senator Carl Kruger resigned after pleading guilty to taking almost a million dollars in bribe money. His legacy is still in the process of being ruined. It appears that office furniture and equipment owned by the state has disappeared from the district’s offices. The larger, less portable items such as desks haven’t vanished. But the GOP is making a big deal out of the task chairs, couch, A/C units and other items that are missing from inventory. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to $1 million in bribes, but it just goes to show that stealing little goes hand in hand with stealing big.

Of course, many people do take incidental items like pens or other office supplies when they get fired. But it takes some chutzpah to roll out with your office chair! What’s the biggest item that’s come up missing at work after one of your coworkers was terminated? Share your scandalous office furniture theft story in the comments.


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