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Office Chair Olympics

Is the proliferation of office chair sports a testament to the spirit of teamwork in the American workplace today? Or is it just a symptom of boredom and how easy it is to record a video and upload it to YouTube these days? Either way, we’re glad that people are finding a creative outlet! Here are a few of the funniest office chair Olympic videos for your enjoyment:


These cubicle zombies do a seated remake of Michael Jackson’s iconic dance number. Toilet paper and bad makeup abound. The results are fascinating and…horrifying.


The folks at FACL team up again for an office chair rowing competition. 4 chairs are lined up back-to-seat to create each Coxed Four “sweep” (you probably have to be an Ivy League graduate to get that rowing reference).


Ready for some pompous sportscasting commentary? See this video in which Staples hosts the 2007 Office Olympics. You’ll get a chuckle as the coffee pot full of river water is passed from one runner to another to launch the games.


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