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Office Chair Fabric is a Prickly Subject

Steelcase made quite a splash with its introduction of mushroom and cotton seed hull packaging; but it’s far from the only office furniture company that is going green with organic products. Albany Office Furniture in the UK is making use of locally occurring natural resources for a different purpose. The company is using nettle stems and wool (two materials that are found in abundance on the chilly isles of Britain) to create textiles for office chairs.

Nettles are most famous for their sting. Fortunately, the chemicals that cause skin irritation are easily neutralized by cooking or soaking in water. Users of the nettle textile won’t have to worry about sitting on a pin cushion. The method by which the fiber is extracted from the stems and processed into fabric should take the sting out of these hardy plants. Albany Office Furniture is showcasing this new textile at the Green 4 Go exhibition where many small businesses will be meeting to discuss sustainable strategies.


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