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Nutritious for Business: Healthy Eating, Sleeping and Thinking Habits for Enriched Entrepreneurs

Amid the constant barrage of tips and tricks to get ahead in the entrepreneurial arena, no method is greater than caring for your body.

So many businesses – and business owners –  fizzle out too soon, not because of a lack of ingenuity or motivation, but a lack of energy.

The spark of inspiration can only propel us so far towards the goal of success, but by maintaining a healthy body, and a healthy mind in turn, you’ll find the most productive, creative, and rewarding work ahead of you.

The following tips illustrate how staying active and encouraging healthy habits in the work place, whether it’s for yourself or your staff, is vital to the growth of any professional undertaking.

Master the Morning – and Midday – Munchies

Remember when food manufacturers could advertise sugary cereals and treats directly to kids?

Their ever-present mantra, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” was in pursuit of a goldmine market, but it’s still true today.

While it’s not recommended to fuel your day on Lucky Charms and Sunny D, starting the day with a happy stomach is a powerful weapon in the quest to conquer the business world.

Nutritious for Business - COE Blog - San Diego Office Furniture SupplierProtein is the Key

Eggs, nuts, avocados, bananas, are all healthy alternatives that provide your body the nutrients it needs to not only begin the work day, but also sustain your entrepreneurial energy.

The boost these proteins give you will get you through meetings, projects, problems, or anything else you might face, be you an ambitious employee or CEO of a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

“Protein gives your body a sustainable source of fuel to keep you going throughout the day, keep you focused and energized for five to six hours and experiencing fewer sugar cravings,” said nutritionist Barbara Mendez in an Inc. article about entrepreneur nutrition.

Kicking off with donuts and bagels, while a staple in many a busy entrepreneur’s diet, will ultimately betray your productivity and focus. Trading the sugary desserts for filling, healthy foods in the morning and throughout the day contribute to greater motivation and creative drive.

The effects of a robust diet are so definitive, many successful CEO’s have integrated it into their business.

“Fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients that foster the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in the experience of curiosity, motivation and engagement,” Forbes contributor Melissa Thompson notes.

Chief among the benefits of providing hardy snack alternatives to vending machines and Dunkin’ Donuts is encouraging good habits inside and outside of the office that will precipitate a more positive, energetic atmosphere that will catapult a company productivity.

Move It or Lose It

Adam Toren, co-founder of and VIP contributor for Entrepreneur, recognizes the importance of physical health in dominating your personal and professional life from the moment you wake up.

“Getting out of bed and making your body move gets the blood flowing and the brain synapses connecting again,” literally shaking off the sleepiness of the night, Toren wrote.

Nutritious for Business - COE Blog - San Diego Office Furniture Experts - Space PlannersMake Time to Get the Blood Flowing

Making time in your day for physical activities is as easy as taking the stairs to the office or taking a stroll during your lunch break. The endorphins released when our heart rates increase a little each day help organize the mind, leading to a clearer, more focused day.

Yoga is another great way to prepare for a busy day or release the physical tension a full day’s work manifests on the body, like sore shoulders from slouching or lower back pain from an office chair in desperate need of replacement.

Breathing, exercise, and stretching not only aid in the ability to focus, but undo some of the mental damage that often goes unnoticed and untreated for both employers and employees in a business.

We’ll touch more on ways to lessen the mental effects that can arise from an entrepreneur’s lifestyle in the second part of this series.

But for now, understand that it is critical to stay active if you want to keep up with the physical demands of long hours and dogged determination that push your idea or business forward.

Focusing on a balanced diet and making an extra effort to quicken your heartbeat every once in a while are unparalleled ways of improving performance and increasing the longevity of both yourself and your company.


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