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New Potential For Used Office Furniture In San Diego

Have you heard of Furniture Freestyle? This is a brand new phenomenon from the “Land Down Under”. X-treme sports enthusiasts Maverick Gunner and Rory Williams are taking the danger of action sports to a whole new level by cannibalizing used office furniture such as chairs and desks to create a whole new spin on shredding. You can see a short documentary on the evolution of Furniture Freestyle on YouTube. Be warned – the footage shows many gruesome scenes of our young heroes wiping out time and time again in their quest to master the most complex moves. This includes an unfortunate incident involving flip flops (or “thongs” in Aussie speak).

Are you looking for innovative ways to breathe new life into your used office furniture? In San Diego there’s already a thriving skateboard community. Some citizens are actually lobbying to have a park built just for skateboarders. This would be the perfect location to go chair surfing or desk boarding. Just make sure you have your chiropractor on retainer and an ambulance waiting at the bottom of the hill!


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