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New Ergonomic Stackable Chairs from KI

Last week, we looked at a roundup of automatically-adjusting task chairs. They were pretty neat and definitely make the process of molding yourself to your chair easier. But there’s one kind of chair that really does need to be totally self-adjusting and flexible – without the need for any complex moving parts. That’s a stackable chair that you would deploy in hospitality, training area, meeting room, reception, and other temporary use areas. Why is simplicity as important as comfort?

  • Adjustable ergonomic stackable chairs would no doubt have a higher price point. It’s unlikely that you would want to pay a premium price for features that aren’t used or appreciated.
  • You can’t really stack a chair that has levers and knobs sticking out that might get bent or broken. Those delicate components would never get replaced and some users would be stuck with chairs that couldn’t be adjusted.
  • Even if you did keep everything working great, it wouldn’t have that much impact. If an employee who sits on a task chair for 8+ hours a day can’t be bothered to adjust their chair, someone who is only using the chair for a couple of hours total certainly isn’t going to try.

New Ergonomic Stackable Seating Options

There are lots of “ergonomic stack chairs” advertised online. But just making a chair with dip in the seat and a curve in the back isn’t the same thing as making a really comfortable chair. However, we’ve just learned about a higher end product in this category that may come closer to actually delivering on their ergonomic promises.

The Grazie is a brand new design from KI. It features an ultra-contoured seat to minimize pressure points. But it’s the back of the chair that is really innovative. It is designed with PerfectPivot™ technology to allow the seat to recline while staying close to the lower back for lumbar support. The seat back material is also flexible to respond to twisting, side-to-side movements. These advanced features are streamlined into the chair so nothing is sticking out and the user activates the mechanism with their natural body motion.

You can see a YouTube video demonstration here. Let us know what you think about this chair? Have you tried it? Did you like it? We’d like to hear your review.


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