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The New Color of the Haworth Workspace Is Blue

Does going to the office make your employees feel blue? They might feel differently if they had a Haworth workspace equipped with Bluescape. This product is the result of a joint effort by Obscura Digital and Haworth. It’s a good example of the kind of “intelligent office design” that’s been sweeping the office furniture industry over the past few years. In fact, the interactive technology shown in the promotional video looks like something you’d see at a TED talk. Users point, touch, pinch, drag, and scroll through a dizzying array of photos, designs, and blueprints—all while engaging in animated discussion and sharing brilliant insights gleaned through a holistic view of information. While your meetings aren’t likely to be quite this lively, the system certainly does make you think about how your team members could work together differently.

One Screen to View Them All…

The core element of this new system is the vast, high-resolution, multi-touch display that can turn an entire wall (or room) into a virtual collaboration environment. Instead of using sticky notes, flip charts, and whiteboard markers, participants can share documents, spreadsheets, graphics, and videos on the wall. Even internet browsers can be viewed and shared by all team members (although someone should probably be careful to clear the history). The session on Bluescape is an SaaS solution that is always live and accessible via the cloud. This means distributed teams can all immerse themselves in the same experience using their mobile devices. It’s one screen and yet many screens.

How Would Your Conference Room Change?

If you implemented a Bluescape environment in your meeting room, what would that space be like?

  • The big conference table would no longer be necessary since no one would be passing notepads back and forth or crouching over blueprints spread out on the table.
  • Small tables to hold coffee and snacks could be arranged throughout the space along with lounge seating, giving it the feel of a café or dine-in movie theater.
  • Chairs that support mobile device users would be in high demand (like the Steelcase “Gesture”). Seating that has power ports to recharge devices or wireless recharging mats might also be desirable features.

What other changes could you make with a Bluescape? Share your ideas in the comments.


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