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NeoCon East – New Commercial Furniture Part 6

It’s time to turn up the lights before we turn them out for good on this year’s NeoCon East blog series. What new lighting components were shining through at this Baltimore convention? Not surprisingly, LED lighting solutions lead the way in this category. Fluorescent lighting is so last century now! Here’s a spotlight on the featured lighting vendors for 2011.


The Element Vision made an appearance at NeoCon East after already being recognized as the winner of the New York House Magazine Innovative Green Design Awards. Not only does it use less energy than either an incandescent or fluorescent lamp, it also has extra features to conserve electricity. This task lighting has both a dimmer control and a passive infrared sensor to turn the lamp off when the desk is not in use (and back on when the user returns). Unlike regular motion sensors, the infrared detector only responds to a heat signature. It won’t be triggered by inanimate objects. The lamp itself is almost entirely recyclable and is made of 74% recycled content. As a final touch, most of the packing materials used to ship the lamp are also recycled.

Mighty Bright

The LUX Dome and Bar task lights offer LED lighting for workstations at a budget-friendly price point of less than $100. The Bar has a head that can rotate 90 degrees while the Dome can accomplish an impressive 360 degree swivel. While the Element Vision is aluminum, these Mighty Bright lamps have a solid steel body for even greater durability. The illumination provided is a bright 4000 Kelvin white light at 250 lumens. Unlike fluorescents, this glow is flicker free for a pleasant user experience.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions

The Solstice is a very new addition to the ESI line of LED task lighting. The lamp features a touch-sensitive dimmer so the output can be easily controlled with the brush of a finger. The base is multipurpose with a USB port for charging cell phones and other electronic office devices.


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