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NeoCon East – New Commercial Furniture Part 3

Next up on our tour of new items for the office is Peter Pepper Products, Inc. This firm introduced two lines of recycling receptacles for use in the workplace. The HexBin (as its name suggests) is intended for use in groups of 2 or more that fit together like pieces of a honeycomb. The bins can be used for paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, or trash depending on the lid and labeling you choose. There’s even a rain hood you can attach for outdoor locations. These bins come in sizes up to 37 gallons for use in large facilities.

The REMIX collection is a sleeker version of single and dual waste stream recycling bins. These oval bins are finished with a dent resistant aluminum composite in your choice of silver, bronze, white, or stainless. The semi-rigid bin liners are made of recycled billboards – a very hip and ironic way for Peter Pepper to advertise the sustainability of its products.


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