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NeoCon East: New Commercial Furniture Part 1

Wow, first there was NeoCon in Chicago, then NeoCon Canada, and now there’s NeoCon East to talk about! Pretty soon, they’ll have to change the name from NeoCon to PerpetualCon. As always, the big names in office furniture all put in an appearance last week. The Tweetosphere was chirping with news and invitations to come see this booth or that. The most exciting part of the convention was (naturally), all the new products making their debut. In this series, we’ll take a virtual stroll through the marketplace to see what our favorite manufacturers are up to.


The Float™ work table actually made its first appearance at the Chicago NeoCon event, but it’s being shown to a different group of potential buyers at NeoCon East in Baltimore. As you might suspect, this Maryland event is focused on government buying programs. We’ll see if this sit/stand desking solution becomes a popular GSA item for ergonomic workspaces.

The idea of a height-adjustable worksurface has been explored in many different iterations by various manufacturers. Some use a motor to lift and lower the worksurface. Others rely on manual adjustment. The Float takes its mechanical inspiration from the principle of counterbalanced motion. This means very little force is required to shift the surface up or down – even when it is loaded with a hundred pounds of office equipment. In fact, Humanscale says you can operate the adjustment feature with one hand to float the tabletop into your desired position.

The table has a 20” range of motion to accommodate sitting and standing workers of many different heights. Options include different table widths from 36-72” and colors ranging from silver to black or white. You can even mount a tabletop from another manufacturer on the Float table base if you prefer a different look. So, that’s what’s up (and down) in the realm of adjustable workstations at NeoCon this year.


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