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NeoCon 2013 Takes an Outside View of Office Furniture Design

38900It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and NeoCon 2013 in Chicago is just around the corner. As always, Cubicles Office Environments will be showcasing information about dozens of award winning designs right here on our blog. It’s the next best thing to being at the show! This year, NeoCon will be playing with the theme of outdoor furniture. The trade show will host The Outdoor Office exhibit by designer Jonathon Olivares. You can see images from the exhibit at its current location in the Art Institute of Chicago here. The concept exhibit explores stripped down, sturdy office equipment mixed with architectural pieces to give structure to even the most wide open spaces.

The trend of mobile/remote work is here to stay with more and more traditional office employees getting their hands on devices that make it easier to work on the go. We’ve heard all about the different places people choose to work. There’s the second place (home), third place (coffee shop or café), and the fourth place (coworking space). Now, it’s time to introduce the fifth place – the biggest one of all. You guessed it; we’re talking about the whole of the Great Outdoors. It’s about time office furniture designers started creating for this space. NeoCon thinks so too, and will be hosting multiple presentations on this emerging market. Hopefully, these presentations will be hosted outdoors to demonstrate the practicality of the concept…


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