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Why You Need to Consider Updating Your Breakroom

The breakroom is no longer an afterthought.

As companies have moved toward a more employee-focused philosophy of operation, the breakroom has emerged as an opportunity for engagement and connection. It is no longer the domain of faded furniture, old coffee and yellowish fluorescent lights.

Updating your breakroom can be an excellent morale booster. COE - San Diego Office Furniture Suppliers and Planners.

Industry experts have encouraged companies to go all-out in the breakroom, suggesting a plethora of drink choices that often includes an endless supply of K-cups, as well as recommendations to fire up an Xbox or PlayStation.

While these ideas are excellent ways to connect with the new generation of workers, they demand not just the addition of perks that didn’t exist but also the replacement of tired furniture. But before we get there, let’s review some of the prevailing philosophies of breakroom design.

The Office and Breakroom Are Two Different Places

Your breakroom is just that – a place where employees can take a break from work. One of the ways you can do this is by using a brighter, more vibrant color palette in your breakroom. This provides several advantages, one of which is the sense that you’re entering a new space.

Here’s what website Small Biz Trends said about the need for a break between where you relax and where you work:

“It’s important that your break room be physically separated from the rest of your office. If you have an open floor plan, then the employees who are taking breaks could potentially be distracting to those who are working. Or those who are working could make it more difficult for those trying to take breaks. So, you could try using room dividers, curtains or barriers to make the spaces seem more separate.”

It Should Be a Place Where People Want to Go

As we mentioned before, the breakroom should present a divergence from the rhythms and design of your work area.

However, if that break is a negative one or a boring one, then it does no good to make any changes.

The suggestions we’ve read to incorporate food, drink and fun into this room aren’t just a matter of making work fun, but it’s a matter of coaxing employees into a place they need to be.

Mental breaks from work while you’re at work are key to keeping creativity and innovation fresh.

As Small Biz Trends points out, “providing a few things that can actually separate your employees from work can also help them and your business over time.”

A Good Break Room Builds Trust and Benefits Customers

In a 2013 article for The Huffington Post, contributor Neal Jenson talked about how great break room design provides a lot of benefits you may not have thought about.

While it’s important that your breakroom is a place where people can store their food, grab a cup of coffee or whip through a few rounds of a video, there’s more at stake.

“By having a well put together break room, you are making an investment to make work just a little bit better for your employees. It gives your workers a place to bond with other workers,” Jenson wrote. “These bonds can help you encourage trust and help in teamwork settings. This also can help make things more pleasant for customers.”

Using Well-Chosen Furniture to Foster All That’s Good About Break Rooms

In the past, we’ve talked about how your office furniture and cubicles say a lot about who your company is and what’s important.

When that philosophy is put in the context of your breakroom, you’ll realize that how you design the space has a lot to say about how much (or how little) you value your employees.

We offer a wide variety of breakroom furniture designed to welcome employees and provide a relaxed, modern environment where people can build relationships, relax and enjoy their time away from the grind.

Our Safco and Cherryman breakroom seating are great examples of conscious choices for eye-pleasing design.

The Safco line offers a dozen different colors and styles, ranging from minimalist medium-back chairs to the industrial stools you see in many restaurants and businesses.

If you choose to go with a variety of bar tables, Cherryman has excellent options for understated, modern chairs that provide support and style.

Head to our breakroom page to learn more about the different options we have. In addition to chairs, we provide a wide variety of tables and cabinets.



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