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Multi-Purpose Office Furniture: Desk/Bed

Do you remember this June when I asked the question “What if you lived in your office?” Well, if that scenario is coming true for you, I’ve found the perfect Christmas present. The Murphy bed/desk. This isn’t at all like you’d imagine it from cartoons about wall beds growing up. It won’t suddenly release from a hidden compartment in the wall and bonk you on the head. Modern designs are actually stylish and clever.

For example, the actual brand name Murphy Desk Bed makes it super simple to transition from desk to bed without even removing anything from the desk surface (and without gluing everything down). The desk surface lowers to the ground with your computer monitor, hard drive, office supplies, and desk accessories remaining nice and level. The bed folds down from what looks like a storage unit. It covers all the equipment, effectively protecting it from being disturbed.


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