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Moving Cubicles…In Cubicles

Here’s an idea for a really “meta” way of storing and moving office cubicles – buy or rent a storage cubicle. It’s like a matryoshka Russian nesting doll! Moveable Cubicle is a mobile storage solution vendor that provides 20 and 40 foot metal containers to residential and business customers. These are the kind of shipping containers that can be loaded directly onto an 18 wheeler for transportation.

How could this be useful? Let’s say you are constructing a new office but you are moving to a transitional space with leased furniture in the interim. With traditional warehouse storage, you would have to load and unload your existing cubicles on two trips – first from your old office to the storage center, then from the storage center to your new office. A mobile storage solution would allow you to pack up everything from filing cabinets to cubicles, store these items securely as long as needed, and then ship them directly to their final destination.


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