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More Songs About Cubicles Wanted

The world of cubicles has its own culture – and the Dilbert comic strip isn’t the only art that’s been created as a result. It makes sense that the life philosophy spawned by spending every day in a cube farm has given rise to a new genre of music as well. If a group of tortured artists working in cubicles wanted to express their existential angst, what would that sound like?

Songs about Cubicles

My Cubicle”, a parody of James Blunt’s smash hit “You’re Beautiful” has become a viral phenomenon because it speaks a truth that all office workers can relate to. A number of “cubies” have even made their own videos to go along with these hauntingly beautiful lyrics. Here’s the chorus:

“My cubicle, my cubicle,
It’s 1 of 62,
It’s my small space,
In a crowded place,
Just a six by six board booth,
And I hate it, that’s the truth.”

There’s also this ditty from East coast rock band My Chemical Romance. It highlights the alienation of being an interchangeable cog in a corporate workforce:

“But you don’t work here anymore
It’s just a vacant three by four
And they might fill your place
A temporary stand-in for your face”

Another hit that references modern workstations is Snow Patrol’s “Cubicles” – although the actual reference in their song is a little obscure:

“Your cubicles, your tentacles
Will still find you
You can’t hide from all the weight and wear”

You can see them doing a special live performance of that piece in a Nashville record shop here. There are certainly additional tunes that are missing from this list. So, this is a notice to all readers: more songs about cubicles wanted! Leave your own lyrics or links to existing cube songs in the comments section.

Songs for Cubicle Workers

In addition to songs about cubicle life, there is also music designed to help the average white collar worker make it through the 9-5. Some helpful bloggers compile music to listen to on your commute or at the office. PGH Tightrope has a series entitled “Your Monday Morning Reckoning with the Cubicle Song” and Jonathon Fields offers “108 Songs That’ll Stop You from Biting Your Cubicle Mate”. Feel free to recommend the songs that make you feel expansive in even the tightest of working quarters in the comments as well.


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