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Modular Office Furniture: Making the Best Use of Small Spaces

When you begin your business, moving into your first bricks and mortar space is a huge step.  Sometimes in order to achieve that step, you must make sacrifices, such as much less overall square footage in office space in order to keep down the monthly overhead.

Running a business out of a smaller than expected space isn’t necessarily the wrong decision.  With a little creativity and the use of carefully selected pieces of modular furniture for the office, a small space can become multi-functional and seem less crowded.  Here are just a few ideas for using the space in your small office as wisely as possible.

Corner Desks

Nothing opens up a small space more than taking the desk out of the middle of the room and tucking it into the corner.  A modular corner desk unit does double duty when fitted into the room in such a way that one edge of the desk becomes a work table, or the reception desk if it is the front office area.

Vertical Storage Unit

If wall space is at a premium consider using an end tab storage unit which hugs the wall and holds considerably more files than a traditional file drawer set-up but takes up much less space. These units come with an open front, but if you have files that need more security they also come with a locking front cover.

Conference Room/Break Room

With a few small adjustments, a space that you want to use for client meetings and other conferences converts easily into a break room and lunch space for the staff.  Refrigerators hidden behind panels, business wall cabinets used for storing lunch supplies, and a carefully selected covered trash receptacle make any conference room multi-functional and pleasing to the eye for the clients.

If you lack the vision for making a small space work double or triple duty for your growing business, contact us. We will walk you through a free space plan and design consultation to give you an idea of all the space you never knew you had in your offices.



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