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Modular Office Cubicles – Going Off Module

Cubicle systems, by the nature of their design, are built and expanded on as modules. Simple, repetitive architecture makes modular office cubicles easy to use in creating a layout plan. However, sometimes having everything exactly the same isn’t what you need. This is why many cubicle manufacturers offer design features that are listed as “off module”. This could be overhead storage bins, panel connections, or other components.

In general, off-module cubicle structures permit greater flexibility. A panel system might have connectors that permit several configurations to accommodate interior building features like columns or windows. Or, you might have the option of integrating a storage unit at any 6” interval along a panel instead of just in one set spot. The customizable nature of off-module cubicles can also make them a better option for a diverse workforce. For example, being able to select the preferred height for a worksurface can be a boon for very tall or very short employees.


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