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Modern Cubicles – What The Future May Hold

Modern cubicles look quite different than the original models from the 1960s. But what will new cubicles look like a few years from now? The folks at Wired Magazine have collaborated to come up with a concept that might not be far off the mark. Their futuristic workstation features holographic technology to project the computer monitor, keyboard, and even virtual coworkers into the desk space. The design is from an amusing collection of “Artifacts from the Future”.

Here are some convenient perks that might make individual workspaces more high tech in the foreseeable future:

  • Liquid crystal “smart glass” cubicle panels that can be turned clear or opaque at the push of a button
  • Calorie counters that fit on a task chair and measure the energy burned by fidgeting
  • A monitor arm and keyboard tray that automatically adjust to the correct height, distance, and angle for each user

What changes would you make in cubicle design if you were in charge?


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