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Minimalist Office Furniture Products

The IKS line of office furniture products makes it clear that going with a minimalist design doesn’t mean the furnishings have to look cheap, tacky, or unimaginative. In fact, this Italian collection is the opposite. The construction of most of these workstations is metal and melamine veneered particle board, but the lines of the furniture accentuate style over materials. So, even the furnishings for an entry-level worker catch the eye and spark the imagination. Colorful paint choices range from red and lilac to sea green and blue for metal surfaces while the melamine desktops are offered in muted beech, pear, and grey to create a soothing palette.

To see a good example of the ways these Della Valentina designs play with the concept of modularity in office furniture, check out the desk in the image above. One half of the L shaped workstation is crafted with a circular radius. The connecting side table looks like a cookie with a bite missing. Since it is set on casters, it can be scooted around to fit on the curved end of the desk on the side nearest the user or up to 180 degrees on the opposite side. This means it can function with equal ease as an extension of the worksurface or turn the desk into a collaborative space for a mentor and trainee.


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