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Maxon Gets Managerial With Office Chair Design

What type of office chair occupies that space between the lowly worker and the exalted executive? The folks at Maxon have decided that middle management deserves its own line of office seating. Hey, managers take a lot of flack – even if they’re actually good at their jobs. If you’ve been the undeserving butt of pretty much every Dilbert joke ever told, you might want to pamper yourself a little. Being the first one in the office to get a flat screen monitor is just the start. As a manager or supervisor, you should also be able to pull some strings and get a nice, comfy chair.

The Northport from Maxon is billed as a “managerial” chair. It’s got a tubular steel frame for durability and a mesh back for breathability. The seat has 3D mesh fabric covering the foam cushion too. Of course, lumbar height adjustment is built in for added comfort. All around, this looks like it might be the kind of office chair that provides you with the kind of support you don’t always get from your direct reports.


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