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Maxon Cubicles – Verse and Versatility

The Verse collection of Maxon cubicles is a grow-as-you go dream for the DIY office manager. These ultra simple panels can be integrated with the manufacturer’s modular Series 1000 & 2000 desks, but they are also intended for use with any system. Just slap together a few panels and use them to wrap your existing workstations. Make a cubicle or series of enclosures in minutes and simply add on new ones as needed.

Partitions can also be connected to construct dividers of any length to break up your office into sections. All that’s required for this are some extra T-base stabilizing feet to keep the “wall” from being knocked over. With plenty of widths and heights to choose from, you will be sure to find a set of panels to fit your space. You can even use them to create a reception station for your front office.

Verse Connection

These Maxon cubicles are super easy to assemble. No tools are required. There are two connection angles available: 180 degree straights and 90 degree corners. Snap on 2, 3, or 4 way connectors at the top and bottom of each panel. Slide the panels together until they touch, and voila – a Verse workstation is born!

When you use Verse with Maxon desking systems, the panels may also be fastened to the desk surface to make the entire structure more resilient. Partitions can also be connected to the wall with brackets for additional support.

Partition Accessories

You’ll definitely want extra reinforcement if you plan to attach shelving (which can also be installed tool-free). Secure overhead cabinets complete with locking mechanisms are another option to consider.  These steel-door bins flip open for easy access. Shelves and cabinets can both be finished to match the paint on the panel frames.

Cost-Saving Panels

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly Maxon cubicles, Verse is where you should start. You can select their basic partitions with no padding (just fabric over MDF board) or the P-Series with 1/8” of added foam. For offices with limited data and power needs, the manufacturer offers panels with no raceway.

Frames feature 1” steel tubes on the sides and the top edge. The metal surfaces are powder coated with epoxy that is baked on to create a rust and chip resistant finish. Color options for the frames are limited to black, gray, charcoal, and taupe. However, you have more choices when it comes to the panel fabric. Mauve is a particularly attractive selection for these Maxon cubicles if you want a break from earth tones.


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