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Making the Move from a Traditional to Open Office: COE’s Options

Open office discussions have been going on for a long time.

Not every business is Google or Facebook; just because you’re interested in an open office concept doesn’t mean you want a common area with picnic tables and bean bag chairs.

In fact, there may be situations where you want to transition away from a completely open floor plan to a hybrid of a traditional setup and an open office space design.

Our lineup of open office furniture is diverse enough to match nearly any situation you envision for your workplace.

Open office discussions have been going on for a long time. Ready Cubicles Office Environments' guide to a good open office space design.In this post, we’ll give you an overview of what we offer, the purposes of various systems and how they can provide you both privacy and a sense of spatial collaboration that is the hallmark of open offices.

Tayco: Scene, UP, Concourse

You can head to our website to view the three different Tayco set-ups we offer. This trio of different designs is representative of the type of diversity you have when planning out the location and size of your workstations as they relate to your open office concept.

Tayco’s Scene is a great example of how a simple design and highly functional workspaces can create a workplace that meets your current needs with the flexibility to make changes in the future.

What we like about this kit is that you can easily adapt it to an open office layout or a private office.

UP is another example of how we can provide workstations that meet the needs of your overall office plan and individual employees, too.

These workstations leverage a tremendous amount of customization, particularly in the workstation desk, which can easily be adjusted up and down to accommodate each employee and their height preferences.

The final Tayco offering is the Concourse which is, in our opinion, the most versatile among the Tayco open-office options you can view on our website. Concourse features a variety of credenzas, pedestals, towers and trunks you can add to workspaces. Benching and private office possibilities are within this model’s grasp, too.

The Tayco options are an excellent reminder that choosing an open office design isn’t a concrete commitment to an overthrow of traditional furniture options. Desks are still necessary, and you won’t have to trade in your office chair for a bean bag.

Friant’s Verity Is a Workflow Workhorse

Of the several Friant options on our site, Verity is one of our favorites. Friant has managed to create a workspace that promotes the key trademarks of the open office philosophy: improved workflow and communication through intelligent workspace design.

Knowing that open offices aren’t always the favorite of introverted employees or those who value privacy, the Verity comes with options for privacy screens made from markerboard, fabric or glass.

Our research into the science of privacy has shown the mind needs a sense of spatial privacy to thrive. Friant’s Verity provides that while maintaining features that complement an open office.

PCF Elements: Benching Benchmark

“Benching” is a term that describes a workstation long and continuous enough to support multiple side-by-side workstations without screens or walls in between. It’s a visually appealing set-up that maximizes space and collaboration.

The Elements is an excellent example of benching done right. They have 11 different options within this line that can support up to four workers on one “bench.”

Making the Right Choice for Your Open Office

The beauty of the open-office systems we offer is that you have dozens of options to accommodate what you have in mind for your layout.

However, that variety can also bring with it a certain level of decision fatigue, which you may not have the energy for.

We’ve designed our consultation process to maximize your time and make the transition to an open office as easy as possible.

Our open office process follows the three core steps of how we do business with our clients. First, we provide a free space plan and design consolation. From there, we work with you to create the perfect open office space.

Once you’ve come up with your ideal set-up, we send our technicians out to perform a professional installation. It’s our job to ensure that our open-office installs go as smoothly as possible.


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