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Make Your Office Edgy…

…But don’t overdo it. That’s one takeaway message from a recent article by Global Office. This advice applies to companies where potential clients are likely to get an office tour. It’s great to have an innovative, eye-catching lobby, a stunning conference room, and a great view. But there comes a point where spending more money to make every detail perfect just doesn’t pay off.

How you decide when enough is enough when it comes to office furniture and décor? You might ask the following questions:

  • Who will notice this item? Does it make a good conversation starter? A memorable piece may well be worthwhile if it makes your company stand out from the competition.
  • Does it mesh with the image you are trying to create for your company? Boasting about how your conference table is made of the wood of a 200 year old endangered tree species just makes you sound like a jerk.
  • Who is your typical target client? If they aren’t likely to be impressed by a show of fine taste and fancy décor, scale back your spending a little.
  • Does it look just right? See if it looks even better if you remove one or two items. Most people have a tendency to overdo decorating, making things look cluttered. A streamlined office is always more elegant and lets the best pieces shine.
  • Is an item obviously high quality? Investing in really ergonomic office furniture and equipment is smarter than splurging on flashy items. Smart clients will be impressed that you care enough to make employees comfortable.
  • Does it appeal to workers as well as clients? Keeping clients happy is only possible if you have a great workforce. Since job candidates weigh the appearance of an office in deciding whether or not to take an offer, their opinion matters too. This means you shouldn’t spend all your money just on the areas that clients will see. Make work areas, breakroom and the bathrooms look nice for the people who will use them every day.


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