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Looking to Buy Refurbished Office Furniture? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

Refurbished office furniture is a perfectly acceptable choice when remodeling, upgrading, or furnishing a new office. Refurbished furniture looks like new furniture for a fraction of the price. The old standard office model is changing. Companies are toning down the expensive frills as modern management is encouraged to get more integrated and involved with their employees. The conference room has become the multi-purpose room, quiet zone, and collaboration area. The 21st century versatile office goes hand in hand with a cost-effective business mindset as well. Choosing refurbished furniture rather than buying new, reinforces that mindset with good business sense.

When you decide to buy refurbished furniture for your office, make sure to keep these three things in mind:

1. Know the difference between used and refurbished.

Used office furniture is of course pre-owned, but most used furniture that is sold by commercial liquidation outlets is rated as – Fair to lightly used in condition. Going green is also a big ongoing business trend these days. There are plenty of tax breaks and associated benefits to be had, by deciding to go recycled instead of new. Mainstream America’s awareness of such issues as global warming, recycling, and environmental conservation, makes deciding to go green not just the right choice, but the right PR choice for any business as well.

Refurbishing is commonly applied to large lots of used office cubicles and assorted other office furniture. It is often purchased at auctions in large commercial liquidation sales.  The purchaser then cleans and in some cases, strips down the product to its basic framework. Workers then build the furniture back up with new coverings such as fabric, paneling, and other materials, giving the product a “Like New” look in appearance. It is hard for most people to tell the difference between new and refurbished. People can also take comfort in knowing that they are reducing their office’s carbon imprint on the planet, by purchasing refurbished furniture instead of new.

2. Buy big in order to save big.

When it comes to buying remanufactured office furniture, most large outlet stores are ready to make deals so that they can fulfill their selling quotas, and keep inventory moving out the door. Make sure that on big purchases that you ask for a discount, especially when paying with cash. Cash purchases will save you money by not having to pay interest rates and costly finance charges. Think of buying office furniture as if you were buying a new car. When buying a car, you want your family safe, in a dependable ride, at a great price. Just switch the equation to business safety, furniture quality and dependability, at a discounted price instead. Office furniture is a major purchase, and it’s at least as expensive as some cars, or more. So take the task at hand seriously. Nothing is worse than buyer’s remorse after a big purchase, especially when that big purchase is a business purchase.

January is a prime time to buy office furniture. It is the most popular and well noted clearance time for retail stores. This first part of the year is when retailers make room for popular, newly released products from their manufacturers. They like to showcase them in the New Year. This is the optimum time to buy at a discount. When buying large lots of furniture, don’t settle for full price. Haggle for perks like free shipping that can add up to big savings. When at a furniture outlet that pays their salespeople by commission, make sure to take advantage of that fact by holding out for the perks. The salesman wants his commission, and you want a good deal; make that deal happen, and if it doesn’t, take your business to an establishment that can make it happen for you.

3. Pick the right refurbished office furniture for your needs.

Office furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Chairs, desks, shelves, couches, and tables, are all available refurbished. Cubicles are the most popular refurbished items, and they can also be pre-ordered to accommodate most styles, colors, and patterns. Buying refurbished office cubicles can save the purchaser up to half the cost of new cubicles, with a look that appears new. Most discerning eyes can’t truly tell the difference between refurbished and new. Stand-up desks are a uniform way to buy refurbished because they can be easily be matched up with both old and new decor.

The Great Recession forced allot of businesses out of business. When offices had to close when economic times hit their worst, all of the furniture from those offices was usually sold at bankruptcy auctions. This allowed investors to scoop up great liquidation deals on used office furniture, and then refurbish their investments, and hold them in storage warehouses until the U.S. business climate recovered. With lower unemployment, gas prices down, and a brighter economic future today, those investors are ready to unload their inventory and pass on a great deal to the customer. Knowing exactly what you need for your business first, and then ordering it in one large discounted bulk purchase, will help you with not only both the shipping costs, but also help give you some peace of mind by keeping the purchase focused and simple.

Everybody likes to save money, and if refurbished office furniture fits your needs at a good price range, plus looks good too, then what’s the harm? There are seemingly endless refurbished office furniture outlets out there, all waiting to make a sale with you and take your money. So it is in your best interest to go into a deal ready to walk out if you don’t feel like you’re maximizing your savings by buying refurbished. There is always another refurbished office furniture retailer that is ready to try and top your last offer. Utilizing these three tips in order to land a great deal on refurbished office furniture, will put savings directly back into both your office budget, and your businesses account as well.


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