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Like Your Humor Cheap? Cubicles Of Fire Fits The Bill

If you’re looking for a cheap cubicles-related laugh, don’t miss this chuckle worthy video montage on YouTube. It features some of the most athletic clips from The Office set to one of the greatest (and most recognizable) musical scores of all time. Cubicles of Fire will inspire you to strap boxes of paper to your feet and keep pressing on until you cross that finish line:

Cubicles of Fire

If you’ve never used cubicles as a platform to actually build a fire, you can see how to do that in the next clip. It’s the modern day version of Bob Cratchit warming himself over a candle stub. Of course, your Accounting department would never be so cruel as to turn off the heat, would they?

Office Survival Tips: Fire

Finally, enjoy 60 seconds of some of the oldest cubicle pranks in the book. Actually, there are a couple of pretty innovative ideas in this video, too. Vote in the comments on which one you like best.

Office Humor- Best Office Cubicle Pranks Ever!!


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