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Leasing Space and Office Furniture – Del Mar, CA

46 Conference RoomFor small business owners, setting up an office can be a time consuming chore. Some enterprising real estate providers are addressing this with one-stop shopping to lease both space and office furniture. Del Mar, CA is one place where entrepreneurs can move into a fully furnished executive suite at a moment’s notice.

Besides furniture, the office space comes with T1 internet access. You can pay as you go for a photocopier and fax machine. Meeting and conference rooms are available for an additional fee – you can even get an administrative assistant as part of the deal if you don’t feel like hiring your own. There is also a kitchen, gym, lounge, and shower room.

Since this type of facility has 24 hour access, that opens up an interesting possibility. The time required to start a successful business will make it seem like you are living at the office anyway. Why not ditch your apartment and just move into your executive suite? Of course, you’d have to make sure your office furniture included a comfy sofa for you to crash on. And don’t get caught – that’s probably a lease violation!


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