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Lazy Office Furniture Layout?

An office layout should be about making efficient use of space and keeping employees happy, focused, and productive. That’s the approach the office space planning consultants at Cubicles Office Environments take to help you save money. But what would happen if you let employees be in charge of your office furniture layout?

You can find a clue in Chapter 4 of David Schlossberg’s online book on slacking. He covers the various strategies workers can take to:

  • Maximize their work space – by aggressively annexing surrounding areas and encroaching on space allocated to coworkers
  • Ensure proper desk and monitor placement to facilitate slacking off and surfing the net
  • Make an office or cubicle so uninviting that others will stay away and leave them alone

He’s even got helpful diagrams to walk readers through the best and worst arrangements. It’s a fun read, so check it out. Then, take a look around your office and see if you can identify any employees who are using these strategies. It might be time to shake things up a little!


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