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Knoll Systems Furniture – Equity Call Center Workstations

Knoll currently has an interesting white paper on call centers available in its “sector focus” library. According to the data in this paper, there are approximately 78,000 call centers in the U.S. Some 2 million employees work in these environments. The nature of the work (which could reasonably be described as uninspiring and stressful) often leads to high turnover. Knoll systems furniture is designed to take just a little of the dreariness and discomfort out of this work atmosphere.

The Equity Collection

Cubicles featuring Equity design panels offer two basic configuration options (and lots of variations). They can be connected at the standard 90 degrees or at 120 degrees. Most components can be used with either angle. You can set up multiple workstations on a single spine to make delivery of data and power to all your cubicles less complex. This can be accomplished in stair step configurations or rectangular workspaces.

The 120 degree connections also give you the option of creating cubicles in organic honeycomb or radial shapes if this better suits your workflow. One nice touch offered by Knoll systems furniture is their patented centerline modularity measurement method. Panel dimensions are calculated with the width of the posts already included – simplifying space planning.

Building Equity

Designing and installing an Equity cubicle system doesn’t have to be a one-time event. Stackable tile panels and integrated brackets allow you to add height to your workstation dividers at any time. This can turn a low walled desk into a personal office in just minutes with the addition of frosted glass privacy panels. Stack tiles as high as 120” for maximum privacy.

Adding workstations or restructuring your existing furnishings is made as pain-free as possible with standardized parts. Knoll boasts that its newest additions are still designed to connect with virtually all the components the company has manufactured over the last 3 decades.

Compact storage options are available to make the most of each station. Curves add visual interest and soften the edges of these Knoll systems furniture workspaces. Details include metal banded desk edges – a nice alternative to traditional laminates. Every ergonomic and aesthetic touch is designed to make your call center a more pleasant place to work.


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