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Knoll Cubicles: Reff Stands for Refined

Sometimes, modern plastic laminates and grey steel just don’t give your workspace the feel you are looking for. When this happens, you can turn to Knoll cubicles in the Reff line for a solution. They are bringing back the most basic of furniture materials – wood. These quality veneer products come in 18 different finishes that deliver beauty and refinement throughout your work environment. The theme can be carried into your executive offices to supply the same distinctive appearance.

Even with the wood based nature of this system, it still meets Knoll’s high standards for sustainability. It also doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to handling your technical needs. The Reff collection just makes high-tech look high-class. You can mix in glass, metals, fashionable textiles, and trims to create a vision of confident success for your office space.


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