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Knoll Cubicles For Upstart Companies

Are you an employer who is just starting a company and setting up an office space for the first time? This is a very fluid phase in the development of your business. Making a mistake in your office layout at this stage can affect productivity and space usage efficiency for years to come – unless it’s really easy to fix a mistake. With non-standard Knoll cubicles like the Upstart series, all system components are on casters. That includes storage and “table style” desks. This extraordinary level of flexibility means you could literally change your entire workspace layout in minutes rather than hours.


The desks are height adjustable and can be configured in 4 different basic workstation designs (see the last page of the product brochure for diagrams). Knoll’s original Upstart model has elegantly curved table legs and worksurface edges. However, they’ve added right angled desks with straight legs for customers who want a more traditional look.


The storage solutions that are part of the Upstart collection include a rolling file cart with a low profile and a lockable top. A mobile storage tower for employee’s personal items is also available. Having these components on casters makes it simple to move them out of the way when two people need to sit at the same table for collaborative work or new hire training.


Privacy screens are mounted directly on the worksurface rather than being panels mounted on freestanding casters. This saves space while still giving the end user options regarding materials and colors. Both the Upstart wipeable marker or semi-transparent screens and the Morrison Network tackable fabric screens can be used with this collection. These Knoll cubicles also combine seamlessly with a number of products from the Currents line. This means new, more complex components such as overhead storage bins can be added as a company expands.


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