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Keeping Office Cubicle Walls Stable

A tall cubicle panel in a busy office space can be prone to tipping or shifting if it gets bumped. Making sure your office cubicle walls stay in one place is an important step in the setup of your cubes. There are several options manufacturers offer for ensuring the stability of full height panels.

Cube Bases

Some cubicles come with stabilizing feet set at right angles to the panel itself. These are designed to keep the walls from tipping inward or outward on free standing panel systems. You will often see this feature on lighter weight, low cost cubicles like the Verse collection from Maxon. The T-base may be adjustable so that the panel can be leveled. One issue with stabilizing bases is that they may stick out pretty far from the office cubicle walls. You have to take care that these don’t create a tripping hazard.

Thicker Panels & Special Configurations

High end office cubicles can be up to 3” thick (Maxon’s Empower collection is an example). This is wide enough that the panels are fairly secure in a rectangular configuration. In a honeycomb layout, they are even less likely to shift around. That’s because the hexagonal structure doesn’t feature any right angles (like you would see in a typical cubicle). This layout is one of the most inherently stable designs in the natural world – and many people also find it more attractive than the typical cubicle configuration.

Wall & Worksurface Brackets

Attaching your panels to a wall or worksurface with sturdy brackets is another way to make sure they stay in place. Panels that are fastened down this way take a little extra disassembly time if you want to rearrange your workspace. However, it is the best option if you really want to make sure your office cubicle walls don’t get knocked out of position. Brackets are also essential if you are installing cubicle panels that feature heavy accessories like overhead bins.


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