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Keep Your Feet Moving at Your Desk

Let’s face it. Treadmill desks are pretty cool – but there’s a limit to how much walking you can really do in a day. Some of the time, you need to sit down to get stuff done. Plus, not everyone has the funds to purchase a top of the line sit to stand or walking desk. Fortunately, there’s a little something ergonomic for the rest of us. It’s called the Webble footrest. The inherently unstable design of this under-desk accessory is ideal for the chronic fidgeter.

Unlike a footrest that’s attached to your chair or one that is stationary under the desk, the Webble is designed for movement. It has its own set of 4 smooth-rolling casters so you can bring it with you as you roll your desk chair around the workstation. Besides moving in all 4 compass directions with ease, you can also tip the Webble from side to side, taking advantage of the device’s spring suspension. In fact, you can pretend the footrest is a tiny skateboard and you are doing wheelies under your desk. Don’t worry, if your tricks look sketchy you can bail at any time.

All this movement helps keep the blood circulating in your lower limbs while reducing pressure on the backs of your thighs. You can give the joints in your lower back a workout with some small, circular motions. Moving forward and back or side to side activates your leg muscles and tendons. The rocking motion can help keep your ankles mobile. Some office workers also use the edge of the Webble to provide a good arch massage. If you like to kick off your shoes under your desk (a frequent habit of high-heel wearers), you’ll enjoy the breathable mesh surface that lets you air out your toes.

Would you wish for a Webble to help you wobble at work?


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