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It’s A Bargain – Office Furniture That Saves Space

bargain office furnitureAre you looking for filing solutions that are a real bargain? Office furniture that reduces your space requirements is the ideal way to get the most for your money. Lateral file drawers work well for businesses that need a basic level of capacity for storing and accessing files. However, if you work in an industry with a high volume of files that are accessed throughout the day, a more sophisticated, high-density records management system is the best solution.

End Tabs Rule

Color-coded end tab folders offer good visibility. This makes them the file folders of choice for active records in many industries. You can code by year or by any other category that makes sense in your industry or your specific company. Of course, you need an open filing system (rather than file drawers) for end tab folders to really save time when your employees are searching for the right file. If you eliminate the space needed to accommodate a drawer opening and closing, you can set up these filing racks much closer together. You can also keep these files secure with doors that roll down and lock to help meet privacy requirements.

Get Your File System Rolling

When you have open sided file storage racks mounted on rolling or sliding carriages, you can fit more files in a much smaller space. Take a look at the product image above for an example of how this works. The rack in front can move to one side or the other to reveal the appropriate section of file storage in the back row. If you had the racks separated with a walkway between them (like in a library), that aisle space would simply sit empty most of the time. With high-density storage solutions, more of your space can actually be used. Office furniture that lets you reduce the number of square feet required for filing leaves more room for you to expand your workforce.


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