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Is Your Cubicle System Wired?

Does it seem that the business environment is moving more and more toward wireless communication and away from standard cabling? The fact is that there’s still plenty of demand for panel systems that allow companies to incorporate traditional cabling and power distribution. But this doesn’t mean office owners are satisfied with just running wire through a basic raceway at floor or worksurface level. Sometimes, they want a more sophisticated solution. That’s where KI’s WireWorks shines. Here’s a quick look at what makes this panel system out of the ordinary:

  • Truly modular capabilities let you add or remove panel tiles without disrupting nearby components
  • You have the ability to run wiring anywhere inside the panel – including around window tiles
  • Move cables by lifting or lowering horizontal rails for easy reconfiguration inside each panel
  • Add more power or data access tiles in the field on your existing WireWorks framework
  • Lay 48 cables or more along each base raceway with no threading – install up to 24 Cat 5 UTP cables along the top horizontal rail on each panel
  • Stack window tiles up to the ceiling to permit light to penetrate while artfully concealing power and data lines


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