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Is Your Corporate Office Furniture Outdated?

Of all the attention grabbing status symbols in the field of corporate office furniture, the expensive, glossy conference table is one of the most recognizable. But this piece of furniture might not be around much longer if some people have their way. For example, one writer at Workified proffers the opinion that conference rooms aren’t necessary and waste real estate because they are empty most of the time. The author of this blog post suggests that most meetings are a waste of time (certainly an opinion most of us have expressed at some point). If a company held only “standup” meetings with no chairs and no table, would more real work get accomplished in less time?

It’s unlikely that the conference room will disappear from the office environment any time soon. But it does make sense to look at your next purchase of conference room equipment from a different perspective. Choosing furniture that has multiple uses is generally a plus. For example, today’s modern conference tables often have multiple electrical and data ports. This means the table can be used to create extra workstations at a moment’s notice or provide a valuable work area for collaborative endeavors. Your office furniture supplier can give you more tips for fully utilizing your conference table. As far as getting your meetings under control so they are really productive, take a look at some helpful tips from Australian meeting expert David Julian Price.


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