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Is this the Bowflex of Office Chairs?

The Fit@Work chair is the latest tool for encouraging desk workers to get a workout. Obviously, it’s not a substitute for a treadmill desk which can provide cardio training, but it does offer the sitter the opportunity to work their core and upper body. The base expands to provide more stability so you can lean back and put your feet up on an extended footrest while you perform crunches. You can also get the core stabilization workout provided by a ball chair when you loosen the column that holds the stool shaped seat firmly in place. Finally, the arms pull out to facilitate rowing exercises. This chair has been met with a mix of bemusement and excitement in the office furniture ergonomics community. Hopefully, we’ll start seeing some firsthand reviews soon so we can learn whether this is a gimmick or the next step toward getting ripped while you work.


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