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Is Office Exercise Equipment a Good Idea?

Here at the end of January, all those New Year’s resolutions about exercising more are starting to bump up against the reality of the kind of commitment that actually entails. Treadmills and elliptical machines are starting to collect dust. And this isn’t just happening in homes and gyms. It’s occurring in the workplace too. Apparently, office exercise equipment gets a lot of use when it’s a novelty. Then, it languishes when employees don’t quite make the leap from occasional use to habitual use.

It’s not just lack of interest that’s a problem. There are horror stories circulating about all kinds of “close calls” happening at work. It was only a matter of time before items like the walking workstation or “treadmill desk” started feeling some backlash. These ergonomic office furniture options are under scrutiny for being less of a workplace wellness miracle than a potential cause of workplace injury, a source of embarrassment and a drain on productivity.

There’s a discussion about the pros and cons of using exercise equipment as well as some good suggestions for how to address safety and workplace etiquette concerns here at MarketWatch. We think there’s a place for all types of ergonomic office furniture as long as employees are trained to use it properly.


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