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Initiate – HON Cubicles Overview

Based in Iowa, HON is an office furniture company with several manufacturing sites throughout the U.S. The HON cubicles line includes several workstation series including Abound and Simplicity. The Initiate® collection is a higher end HON product that is designed for ease of specification and installation. Think of it as a cubicle collection for first time office furniture buyers – but with the quality an experienced buyer would expect given the price point of the product. Here are some of the features that make Initiate a choice to consider for your next office design project:

Less Assembly = Time Efficiency

Initiate office cubicles are crafted with steel frames that lock together firmly for structural stability. This metal on metal connectivity ensures there are no gaps between the panels and that components will remain in good condition through multiple reconfiguring events. The universal connector from HON permits attachment of panels in X, L, and T right angle options. So, you don’t have to purchase or stock extra connector parts if you want to eventually change the layout of your office space.

The panels arrive with integrated trim already in place and overheads are shipped pre-assembled for swift installation. You can specify as many as 3 different segment styles on each panel from the factory. This is in contrast to cubicles that have tile segments that are slotted into the cubicle panels on-site. Some users may prefer the freedom that comes with being able to switch out the tiles every couple of years; but the Initiate collection is a fine option if you plan to stick with a single color scheme and motif for the foreseeable future.

Sustainability in Material Choices

These HON cubicles offer a number of perks for companies that want “green” office furniture. Here are a few of the ways this manufacturer makes their products eco-friendly:

  • Particle board worksurfaces are constructed of 100% post-consumer content
  • Adhesives used are low-emitting and don’t pollute the indoor air in your office
  • Cradle to Cradle Gold certified panel fabrics are available
  • Initiate meets the BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard
  • This cubicle collection may qualify for LEED credits


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