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Industrial Office Furniture Design

Some of the most innovative, modern office furniture concepts actually start out as home furniture designs. Turkish designer Fevzi Karaman is best known for his modular kitchen concept. The Silverline kitchenette features a pull out table which reveals a sink and stovetop. When you’re done eating, there’s no way to reclaim the space except by washing and putting away all the dishes. So, this might be the perfect kitchen setup to teach college students not to be sloppy!

However, Karaman didn’t stop with this cooking/dining module. He took some of the sleek lines and incorporated them into industrial furniture as well. The TASARIM collection of modular desking and storage units is a vision of what the office of the future might actually look like. You’ll find lots of perpendicular angles but no sharp corners at all in Fevzi’s pieces. It’s all about smooth surfaces and built in technology. The keyboards and monitors would both be simple touch screens on these desktops. For now, we’d probably just use these flat surfaces to host a laptop. But there’s no telling what tomorrow might hold.


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